1. Know Me!

Dear Readers

My Name is Consuela, (if you guessed the names from Family guy you are right)

I am 38~ and from Germany, i have been a MAP Advocate/Activist for the last 2 Years

Since When did you Notice being a MAP and How?

When i was 18 i noticed i neither had Interest in Woman nor Man, but i suddenly got

Turned on by old School Photos with Girls 8-12 thats where i noticed i had different Sexuality.

What kinda Age and Gender do you like?

0-12 and Both Genders.

Have you ever done anything Illegal?

yeah about 14 Years ago i downloaded some Nudes, i wont hide that since i think it makes your

Activism more serious if you are honest.

Why did you Start MAP Activism?

well it was 2 years ago when i had a Police Search that confiscated things for 21 weeks until

they returned everything with nothing found, and Stories of Friends who got mistreated by

the Police, Alt-Right people or even Normal people that don’t understand our Sexuality.

Do you get Help?

As much as most other People, i don’t need or have a Therapist for my Sexuality,

but im currently looking for a Therapist for Serious Cases of Depression, anxiety attacks and more.

but also a lot of friends, helpful people and gooners on Social Media and Mastodon 🙂

Have you ever tried Therapy?

Yes, before i Accepted myself better i tried to see if i should Suppress my Sexuality, i took Horrible

Medicine, had Therapists who think you should suppress it, not think about it, be sad about it

don’t live it out by any means, and that most of us are criminals anyway, i left them behind gladly

Whats the Good things you did or have done in the past few years?

  • i managed to convince many people we are normal people and not criminals
  • i managed to get the Ministry of Justice in Germany to send me a Mail stating Lolicons are legal to own
  • Visited the CSD (Christopher Street Day) aka a Pride Parade 2 years in a row with MAP Pride Merch to fight for our Sexuality and be Visible
  • Started my Own Website what has now become a Blog and my own Mastodon Instance

Whats the Kinda BAD stuff you had Happen to you during the last few years?

  • someone who i though is a Friend Doxxing my Information Online
  • some people on social Media threatening to kill me
  • some dude posting Flyers around my neighborhood
  • a Call to the Police for a “Threat speech” because they though im dangerous
  • police search warrant because someone used my credentials to talk about sex abuse on some chat
  • i had the Threat Speech averted by a Lawyer telling the Police to Fuck Off, had nothing found on my Devices and are still prosecuting people for doxxing my Information

Whats the kinda Stuff you still want to Achieve in your Life?

  • Get Lolicons fully allowed even Trading/showing off on social media (currently disallowed)
  • get Child Sex Dolls re-allowed (banned since 01.07.2021)
  • get AI Pornography Legalized
  • Stop the Hatred from Fascists and Queerphobes
  • Cuddle and Hug a cute Loli
  • own a Graphic Card thats not 7-8 years old and crashes every few Nights
  • Deep Space Nine on BlueRay