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Whenever i talk with different People, be it Other MAPs, Scientists, Journalists or normal People, i get asked why i do Activism and what i wish for other People to do and how they should view us.

Whenever this happens i usually refer to “The Simple List” a Magna Carta alike thing for Basic Human Rights set up by us at the Map Right Forum (list and Forum currently available at for an invite code send a mail to <[email protected]>) (also the list is available at to Display what the MAP Community Worldwide (aside from the Contact Stance bullshit) should Fight for to achieve Basic compassionate Human Rights for us

I’d like to Break down these Basic 17 things and talk about them for a moment to show what i personally understand about these things and what they mean for me

  1. Build the MAP community, including reaching MAPs who are unaware of the community.

    This means building up Safe Spaces for Paraphilias, not only MAPs but also Zoosexuals and Necrophiles to talk about their Sexual Orientation freely, this is one of the most important things, and why i made my own Mastodon Instance.

    MAPs and some other Sexual Orientations like Zoosexuals and Necrophiles are facing a Hard Time talking about themselves and who they are because of Stigmatization which leads to them being kicked from every normie Social Media be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blue.Sky, Mastodon, YouTube and what not else, finding a space to stay, gaining a few friends and making a few posts, and then next day waking up one morning and seeing your Account is banned is a horrific experience that gives you a mental breakdown, believe me i’ve been trough this and do not wish anyone else this.

    This is why It’s important to have as many compassionate Social Medias out there for MAPs and other Sexualities to join in without the Fear of getting Speech suppressed or banned (unless you commit crimes of course), there’s already a large Variety of Communities, be it OMC, MSC, Visions of Alice, B4U-Act, Virped, over 18 Mastodon Instances ranging from NNIA, Mapsupport (mine), Oddballs to many others or Radqueer Inclusive Fight Spaces like RQD2 or the Map Rights Forum, but we have to make sure these Stay Open forever to offer Safe spaces for MAPs, Minor Maps, AAMs, Zoosexuals, Necrophiles, other Paraphilias, Transidentities and generally everyone Radqueer.

  2. Achieve protected class status.

    This is another Big thing i want to see, protected class means being recognized as Sexual Minority so Hate speech, Doxxing and Violent Crimes against MAPs are finally set with a Harsh Penalty in a Court of Justice to let people know things like “Pedo Hunting” and similar things are a thing of the Past and People can face Serious charges for these kinds of things.

  3. Access to compassionate, empathetic mental healthcare.

    This is also a Important thing, many MAPs can’t talk with other people in Real Life openly about there Sexuality (especially in America) mostly as these kinds of Capitalist Countries offer no Free Therapists or Medical/Mental Healthcare, you gotta pay big money to even talk to someone which is unaffordable to most People, and even THEN they cannot really talk to them without having the Fear of being outed or having the Police Called on them.

  4. Access to legal services.

    When MAPs are discriminated against or Face the Court themselves for having committed crimes as far as i know they have a hard Time finding a Lawyer not only because lawyers refuse to deal with MAPs but also because of the High cost involved, a good Friend of me was discriminated by Outing there Data on the Internet and could have won a Case, but it would cost about 2000$ for a lawyer this should really be made easier to Fight Discrimination.

  5. Remove “pedophilic disorder” from the DSM and ICD.

    This is one of the points on the path against Discrimination, on 01.01.2022 the WHO changed the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) and brought out the newest ICD-11 which changed the wording, it does still classify it as Sexual Disorder in rare cases like when you are distressed by it or commit crimes, but in most cases it got removed as a Disorder, the DSM5 still lists it as one fully, both would need to be changed and removed on the path to Destigmatization.

  6. Social justice – differentiating between rape/assault/coercion/violent crimes and statutory crimes.

    In America this is an Important point, when one Person is lets say 17 and another Person is 14, and they have Sex with BOTH of them Consenting the Adult is still charged as Rape, and for the same sentencing as if an Adult would rape a Child/Youth against their Will, this is unacceptable, the law should still be obeyed ecause its a crime, but need to be a lesser crime then real forced rape.

  7. Social justice for minor MAPs, and those close in age.

    Another mostly American thing were most States have the Age of Consent Set to either 18 or in rare cases 16, when a Minor MAP that is lets say 17 and the other Part 14-15 they are still close enough in Age-Range to be socially Acceptable, but the Law discriminates these things, this is something that should stop completely.

  8. Ban conversion therapy.

    My Country has as of 2020 Banned conversion therapy, but made an exception for “Paraphilias” means they can still try to convert us, in America conversion therapy is still fully a thing, even tho it is not scientific possible to convert someone else Sexual Orientation they tried that for over 40 years in Mental Hospitals with Electronic Shocks, Torture and other things.

  9. Meet the physiological needs of MAPs facing injustice/discrimination.

    making sure MAPs who are facing discrimination and injustice are taken care of, such as having food, basic healthcare, and a safe place to live.

  10. High-quality factual MAP media for public consumption.

    This means there needs to be Websites, best from professionals or the government with Basic Facts about minor attraction so that people will earn Facts and not Fake news about is and can’t be anymore Indoctrinated by Far-Right and some of the vile Child Protection Organizations

  11. Continued honest research into the various aspects of minor-attraction.

    This i feel is also important, currently they Research why we become Criminals or how to treat or convert us, but nothing about either if Sex Dolls or fictional outlets could help us, about ANY kind of Adult Minor relationships (does not need to be sexual) or anything else Supporting us, this should stop, not only researching how to convert us should be stopped, but other research needs to be enabled

  12. Improved sex education that also talks about minor attractions.

    As far as i am aware in America especially the Republican states there is no real Sex Education in Schools or at Home as It’s still seen disgusting, so the only way kids learn about Sex is friends or Porn, they should Introduce Countrywide Sex Education that also covers the Basics of Minor Attraction WITHOUT any Fake news or Stigma so they can no longer be indoctrinated against us AND People who are either minor Attracted or Adult Attracted minors learn to accept themselves.

  13. Legalization of all fictional sexual outlets, including loli/shota and dolls.

    in Parts of America and many Other countries Fictional Outlets like Lolicons and Shotacons, and Sex Dolls are criminalized sometimes even as harsh as Real Childporn or CSAM, research shows it helps people live out there Attraction without hurting others, same for Child Sex Dolls, away with the Myth people would use it to train real abuse when it’s just a fictional outlet to do nothing illegal.

  14. Social Justice – reform the sex offender registry.

    i have heard a lot about the America Sex Offender Registry and it’s one of the worst things possible, you have downloaded a few naked pictures and even served a few years in prison for that? as much as you might think you are Free now after serving your Time, you are NOT…

    Once a week to the Police?
    living in special housing?
    Cant get as near as 500 or 1000 feet of schools or playgrounds?
    Cant leave America into a different country?
    Everyone on the internet can freely find out where you live, visit and kill you?

    Just some of the few benefits that comes with a sexual criminal record, does not even matter how small or minor it is/was or even a first offense, you are fucked for life, this need to be abolished completely.

  15. Combat false accusations, doxing, and myths of stranger danger.

    Currently in many countries even my own or America it is possible to call Minor Attracted people Child Molesters and get away with it, dox there information to the Internet (al tho this is a general problem with Americas fucked up free speech laws allowing these kinds of things) this should be combated by new protection laws

    3rd one is the Stranger Danger, i also see this partly in 12. the sex education, Kids should know NOT to go with someone when he offers Free Candy or puppies in his Car White Van and scream for Help YES, that is totally ok but when some Adult plays soccer in the park they can freely join them, or when someone comes along the way with a Map (not us, a real map of a city duh lol) he should be able to freely ask the way to the Town Center without the Kid running away Screaming because the Parents told them everyone is a potential sex offender this gives us a next generation of potential psychopathic overcared kids (just my own thinking)

  16. Defeat the stigma

    Has already been talked a lot in this Document, People should be able to freely out themselves, wear Pride Clothing and tell everyone they are a MAP without getting Harassed, Doxxed or Mentally and Physically Attacked or Killed

  17. A credible organization to speak on and represent these goals to the public.

    This is already partly a thing with Prostasia who is a Child Rights Organization but still supports us at least partly even with the Harassment they receive over this, but we need a REAL Organization which’s solely main Goal is the Help for and Liberation of MAPs Starting with America.

The Simple List © 2023 by The MAP Community is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0 

As Mentioned this is a List of 17 basic things, and 17 sounds a lot, but these are Human Rights already available for most Humans except us, this list comes with the guarantee that we don’t make any compromises since nothing on these list is anything Extraordinary but simply basic Human Rights that should be available always and everywhere to anyone

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