Hello Dear Readers,

I Joined the Pediverse exactly on Feb 20, 2023 on Freak.University and my own Instance mapsupport.de gone live in Mar 26, 2023, This Happened due to the Fact of trying to find a Home and getting kicked off a total of 19 “Normie” and Queer Mastodon Instances before, i swore myself i would never again be kicked off one, so i made my own one and joined the Pediverse (Pedophile Fediverse) were MAPs (pedophiles), Zoos, Necros and other Cool Dudes would be welcome without getting Stigmatized.

Over these months i have made 550 Friends over Both Instances, and my Stance on talking to and being accepting and helpful to any Person being a MAP no matter who they are, even on the terms of Contact Stance had gained me a good load of Friends and liking from others, (tho i gained some distrust from some friends for deciding to talk to Pro-C and listen to there words instead of blocking them wich made them call me Pro-C, but wich also comes from a post i made months ago explaining my “complex Anti-C contact stance”, (wich all did hurt me and got me mentally unstable for some time up to the point of wanting to end myself) but im glad this is all over and hopefully returned to Normal (i cant tell people what they should think about me in there head, i can just trust they don’t talk bad about me or think bad about me for this because im still the same nice person i have been for years)

I regular made/make Wholesome posting, and post (censored and secured) Screenshots about my Life because i think its Important to show others that not everywhere you have to Fear Hate and Harassment, and everyone deserves to be loved no matter what Stance or Sexual Orientation they have, so for example i post screens going outside (and this every day for 5+ months now) in Rainbow/MAP Pride Clothing or visiting pride parades, and get a lot of positive Feedback like being some kind of Heroic Figurine wich i don’t even try to be, just trying to support others and give them a good Feeling, but they look at my Pride Screens and decide they want one day to be as Open as me, and this gives them one thing… HOPE, and that’s all that counts changing peoples life for the better

There is some Dark Side to this tho, and its some People in the Pediverse who reasonably cant be worked with, and ill love to explain some of these thing here.

I have over the past few months seen regular Talking AND Actions about Doxxing, Harassing, Dogpiling, Brigading, Gaslighting, Illegal Material, Admission of Crimes (Hello Mr. 20 gigabyte on twitter), as well as Personal Attacks or Creating Memes with other peoples Faces and other things…

I was Devastated to see what State the Pediverse is in sometimes and that People cant work together for Basic Features for us, such as Human Rights, Human Dignity, Access to Support, Therapeutics and Basic Medical Support, or Fighting for Legalizing Simple Material like Lolicons, Sexdolls and similar things that hurt no one, i once made a Poll, asking if all the Contact Stances like Anti-C and Pro-C (and no-c and complex-c) could work together and it turned into a gigantic Shitfest of baseless Accusations so i stopped that for now…

I have ALWAYS tried to change these things for a better, starting with often sitting 10-12-16h a day on the Pediverse trying to support, help or calm down people in need, for example i once spend 8-10h writing to and calling all sort of Text and Archive Hosters getting Information removed about someone on the Pediverse who got Doxxed on Twitter, i got like 10+ sites to remove it except i believe lo**ow, on another case i Helped for like 2 weeks (no joke) with Personal Support, OpSec and Social Engineering getting Information about someone removed & supporting them mentally and financially since they did get Doxxed by a vile person on TikTok and lost there whole Real life (hello Seara i am still watching you)

Then some people from YES!!! the Pediverse decided to Personally Attack some of my closest Friends and made them feel mentally Unstable up to a point of leaving the Pediverse temporarily or permanently wich also made me very Sad, but i noticed sometimes you got to take care of your own Mental Health and leave things behind you for a bit to Repair your Health.

Then as you all know a Friend of mine Kay has got told the need to get into Psychiatric Evaluation for the Bullshit reason of being Friends with a minor wich made me very sad about this unfair world who threats us like crap like were all predators just for wanting to befriend minors, i have long wanted to become a Moderator and Fix the broken Spots on the Pediverse so we can all Coexist in Peace, or at least mostly, well since she had to go and didn’t want the Pediverse of Freak.University unguarded i got the job, not only due to asking nicely, but due to Good Reputation and being Fair and Supportive to anyone, this is sadly where it ended since (supposedly) a Thread/Process of the Instance Hung up and the Instance was down for like 12 Days.

I was REALLY Concerned, not only or mainly for the Pediverse, but mostly for my Friend Kay who was STILL Locked up, and is to this Day (wich i got told is irregular with such a long time) and i PRAY every Day nothing bad has come out and they will not need to stay longer or get Locked up or some shit, please if you can and read this Text Help Praying for a Fast and Free return.

Somehow…. the Thread/Process of the Instance repaired itself then, and Freak.University was available again, sadly another one of our Instances (youjo.l***) Shut Down at the same time, because apparently (unconfirmed) the Hoster of the domain found CSAM over the Instance and the Domain has been Locked Forever by the Domain Hoster namesilo, this is where more problems arise…

First Problem: even tho Youjo.l*** was gone as a Domain, the Instance was still somehow available in the Pediverse and Posts could be seen and new posts be made (we DO NOT have it in the hosts file) and this did lead to people there asking that since Youjo is down anyway “if they could post CP there” (see screenshot) and i personally Suspended Youjo as it was Broken beyond repair anyway, to avoid getting Illegal Material on the Timeline of my Instance

Second Problem: a Good Friend of me returned after a month of leaving due to feeling unwell, and i was so very Happy to welcome them back in the Pediverse, i was gone sleeping that Night and woke up to them feeling unwell again due to being Gaslighted by Multiple users (1 from freak.university and 3 from cannibal)

THIS is where i told myself, this will not longer be accepted and people who start shit like this, that makes people leave the Pediverse in a Mentally Unstable Situation will be dealt with harsh, so i setup a Mod post to tell people about it and that the next Person who does this gets suspended, i DO NOT have something about normally talking to people or Criticizing them, but things that Happened (what i have all seen in the last few months) like telling People to kill themself, Doxxing Them (hello Seara), telling them they are worthless or there work in the Pediverse is Worthless, attacking them based on Sexuality, Gender, Social Status, constantly mocking them in every post that makes them feel unwell, or making Vile memes with there Face on it, trying to instigate people to “report instances” on the Pediverse they don’t like (well yes hello newgon HQ) and much more things i probably forgot now, wich happened to a Good load of people, of wich some of them even left the Pediverse forever… WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED

Third Problem: Also on a Similar note People behave Stupid, i KNOW there is Doxxing going around in the Pediverse which comes mostly from Antis like Seara, but some people don’t think twice and decide to Destroy other peoples Life by simply jumping to unproven Accusations, some like a Week or more ago another Friend of mine got a Letter, not by E-Mail but personally in Real Life by Mailbox with a Vile message of (i think) Mapmisia, tho it was signed by the name “Iris” anyone who can count to 3 should know that this is Fake and made by an Anti to stir more trouble in the Pediverse especially between Pro-C and Anti-C, and it worked, a load of Pro-C immediately jumped to Attack Iris because of that letter without proof who has written it and this is ALSO something that needs to STOP, unless you have 100% VALID Information on someone doing exactly that thing please stop randomly Accusing people in the Pediverse while Antis sit in the Back munching Popcorn watching there plan unfold and the Pediverse go down

Fourth Problem: Since youjo.l*** has shutdown there has been another HUGE Problem, a lot of the old Youjo.l*** People changed to a brand new Instance called Childlove.s****, that instance was discussed weeks ago as a new upcoming Instance run by some “Newgon Guys” with full Free Speech, and people got Concerned it would Host Nazis, and guess what? check this screenshot wich is just ONE of a few people in there >>>

Radicalized Pedo-Nazis (the cringst thing ever) and White Supremacists talking in long posts about how Superior the White Race and its Children are, Hitler and Eugenics, and NOTHING is being done wich did lead a few Instances from the Pediverse to Suspend them already, i personally on Mapsupport and Freak.university Suspended 2 of these Nazis (only 2 i got told about now, please help us by reporting more), its really Crazy, Nazis if they could would put us all into Gas Chambers and these people Pose as them not thinking twice that if they would come into power, then we would all be eradicated (no matter wich country) it already started with “Ronald McDonald” DeSantis imposing the Death Penalty for even the slightest Sexual Crime on Children and wont stop there…

I Know Newgon is a Site some people look up to for having Wikis with 100s of Pictures (they host some of my wholesome memes), Information, Resources and Activism Stuff, but for me they or at least the Leader poses some danger with Attacking people constantly, wanting to take down other instances or like now them Hosting Nazis, cant we work out something our self in terms of Activism without Radicalized people?

Now i hope this did not make you feel Unwell, but gave you HOPE that there is a way to Fix at least some of the bigger problems in the Pediverse (wich i attempt to), and to unite us all, not in terms of Contact Stance this wont work (at least completely), but in terms of getting Nazis, Doxxing, Harassing, Dogpiling, Brigading, Gaslighting, Illegal Material, Admission of Crimes and other things removed from the Pediverse Quickly to have a Safe Space for all like minded people, not only MAPs, but also Zoos, Necros and all the other queer People to feel Welcome and Safe.

Live Long and Prosper!


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