Antis will really go like “If you are so proud of who you are, why don’t you go out and tell people”

These People are extremely Stupid or do it because they know the outcome, most people here on the Pediverse are Americans, and America is a bigoted Country with Brain-dead Organizations with Hateful Ideologies like MAGA, GaysAgainstGroomers, or LibsofTikTok who will do everything to have you killed Instantly

Just one wrong word, one sentence of your or one photo with EXIF data can be the End, i saw it with people here, Last year a follower/friend of mine lost Jobs, House, Friends, Family and this just by a Security Mistake to vile Identities like these (in this case the vile person was Seara Adair for those who remember)

A Human Body is worth nothing to the Alt-Right and bigots, so don’t give them the Satisfaction and do something that could hurt yourself or get yourself Killed, you are beautiful, you are worthy, don’t let them win and Protect yourself

Safety Tutorials can be found here or more precise ones on

Meanwhile, ill be one to start doing that in places where it’s more Acceptable to stand up on the Streets for Basic Human Rights for everyone

Was just visiting a Pride Parade in the last few days with my new Shirt to hear people talk about the Fight against discrimination against Queer People, maybe this Level of being Open will one day reach America, and that’s one of the reasons i co-Founded the Map Rights Forum, so one day our Fight will be successful, and we can be Fully Accepted in Society like any other Person.

Here’s a smol photo as an example to show its possible, no personal details, no background, no EXIF and no GeoTag.

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