Hello you Absolute Legends

Today there has been 2 new Blogposts by 2 different guys on a small German Blog about Radical Pro-C Map Activists (which is not really activism they are just crying they can’t F*** Kids)

A Guy called >Leonard< Attacks 2 different Groups i am Friends with and apart of, a Forum and a Chat for Self Help, he said himself he took these Groups under a Magnifying Glass, and he criticizes them for “ONLY” wanting to Help People and not do any Activism (they do activism and the biggest one is helping people 24/7 in there Freetime so don’t downplay there work dumbass <red forman voice>), i admit he has a few minor valid points like there being more than 1% of the population being MAP, Criticizing Networks who are supposed to help us but in reality do everything to denounce us, or there being Human Rights Violation against us en masse.

Point is, he mostly talks bullshit i would only expect from Conspiracy Theorists, he talks about different aspects like:

  • how we People are Brainwashed
  • how we wish to be socially controlled by everyone

Now as this is already Evil there’s a Second Blog Entry right after this, by “Blau” who Points out that 90% of all Pedophiles/MAPs are not Activists, but why?

Why do some People Expect everyone who is a MAP to be an Activist? i mean, sure there’s stuff that most people can do without being exposed, but why do you Expect EVERYONE to do Activism?

There are Legit A LOT of People being scared to do Activism because they don’t know how to do it, don’t have the security or live in Fascist States like America.

Over the course of the past 2 Years i have seen People (including myself) become Activists, and endure or go through a living Hell (not me tho I’m fine right now), there’s things like

  • Losing your Home, Jobs, Family, Friends, Money, Freedom just because crazy people think if you are a MAP you are inherently a Danger
  • Getting Doxxed and Outed on Social Media, Doxxing Websites or even Newspapers (if you count stuff like reduxx as “newspapers” even tho they are just some conspiracy theorist TERF page acting like the Online Reincarnation of the Ku Klux Klan)
  • I see People getting Visited at Home by Mobs of Angry People wanting your Dead
  • Flyers around your Neighborhood exposing yourself
  • Search Warrants for no reason because some people think “you are a MAP therefor you must have illegal material”

Heck i even had Friends tell me they have a Family of Die-Hard MAGA Fascists, and if their Family Found out they are MAPs, they would instantly be killed

These people who say “everyone should be an Activist” do not know the Danger some of us putting ourselves trough, i do not care for the Dangers as i have developed a tight Security Belt, do not live in America, have anything to lose or have anyone who cares or does not support me near me, but other people legitimately fear ending up Dead.

YES there is Stuff everyone can do, but most people don’t know it and we should get people to, or teach them how to do it and how to do it securely, but please don’t expect everyone or most people to do Activism or force them to when they don’t want, most of these people just want a safe place on Social Media (which people like me provide) and talk about there Feelings and similar things.

Also on a similar note, it’s Funny how these people never mention me or my Projects, maybe It’s because they can’t? They are rambling no one ever does Activism and mention 2 groups who mostly help other people, but they never mention me, and here I am one of the few Top biggest Activists of my Country, devoting 10-15h a Day to MAP Activism for the last 2,5 years, Created Communities, Booru’s, Blogs, Co-Created the Map-Rights-Forum, talk on Reddit, AskQuestions, YouTube and similar places, all whilst being under Fire by alt-right Pepe shitheads, getting Flyer’d, having people at the door, Death Treats or services like Hosters or Domains Shutdown due to Massreports, but i guess you can’t mention me because that would destroy your Narrative that there are no real MAP Activists right?.

Stay Safe.

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