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Today i though id dig into Checking some of the Sources to see how Media represents the word Pedophilia (not MAPs in general but the stigmatizing word pedophilia)

This is a Basic Search for the Term “Pedophile” or “Pedophilia” on the Marketplace “Amazon” under the Category “Books”

Book Name Good or Bad? Reason Notes
Recovering from Pedophilia: An In-Depth Guide to Healing & Hope BAD Stigmatizing words: Recovering, Healing
Pedophilia and Adult–Child Sex: A Philosophical Analysis UNKNOWN Stigmatizing words: –
Pedophilia & Empire: Satan Sodomy and the Deep State Book 1: A Quarter Million Millenia of Human Enslavement, Child Rape and Blood(….) BAD Stigmatizing words: Satan, Sodomy, Deep State, Child Rape Multiple Books under Similar Names, i reviewed Book 1
Pedophilia, Hebephilia and Sexual Offending against Children: The Berlin Dissexuality Therapy BAD Stigmatizing words: Sexual Offending
The Three Commas Club: A True Story of Sex Trafficking Pedophilia & Murder BAD Stigmatizing words: Sex Trafficking, Murder
Pedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children: Theory, Assessment, and Intervention BAD Stigmatizing words: Sexual Offending
Virtual Pedophilia: Sex Offender Profiling and U.S. Security Culture BAD Stigmatizing words: Sex Offender Book seems to just Analyze how different TV Shows and Medias present Pedophilia, still uses the word Sex Offender
Pedogate Primer: the politics of pedophilia BAD Stigmatizing words: Child Abuse, Pedogate, Epstein
Hollywood Sinister Pedophilia: Are Steven Spielberg and friends, K. Spacey, D. Hoffman, A. Kreisberg, Bryan Singer, the Weinstein bros BAD Stigmatizing words: Sinister > also see info talking about Pedophilia trough Sex Scandals of Hollywood
The Hidden Monster: Pedophilia BAD Stigmatizing words: Monster
Aspects of Pedophilia BAD Stigmatizing words: Sexual abuse “…protect their children and their community…”
How to Stop Creating Pedophiles Explained with PHM Analysis: Ending the Epidemic of Pedophilia BAD Stigmatizing words: Creating Pedophiles, Epidemic
Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders BAD Stigmatizing words: Predators, Rapists, Sex Offenders
Unraveling Charlie BAD Stigmatizing words: Predators
UNDERSTANDING & TREATMENT OF PEDOPHILIA: Is Overcoming Pedophilia Possible? Yes, And It Is Possible For You! Dr. Richard E. Blake BAD Stigmatizing words: Treatment, Overcoming Talking about Conversion Therapy
Pedophilia–Cancer Within BAD Stigmatizing words: Cancer
My Father Was a Pedophile BAD Stigmatizing words: rape, incest, broken bones, murder
I survived Pedophilia!: True story from a victim of pedophilia! BAD Stigmatizing words: Survived, Victim
Conversations With A Pedophile: In the Interest of Our Children BAD Stigmatizing words: Sexual Predator
Three Boys Missing: The Tragedy That Exposed the Pedophilia Underworld BAD Stigmatizing words: Pedophilia Underworld
Generational Curses & Deadly Sins: Incest, sex trafficking, pedophilia, drugs, alcohol, lies and the faith of a child. BAD Stigmatizing words: Sins, sex trafficking
Pedophilia: Facts about Pedophilia BAD Stigmatizing words: sexual offenses against minors reading probe lists pedophilia as sexual disorder
Bought and Paid For: WW II turmoil, an unwanted child, her survival from neglect, abuse, pedophilia,and her coming to America BAD Stigmatizing words: abuse, “survival from (…) pedophilia
The criminology of pedophilia: An empirical analysis about the sexual orientation of pedophiles. BAD Stigmatizing words: pedophilia is a terrible thing, That is the reason why an analysis must be presented, who has important information for the police, for child-protection organizations and for parents who truly love their children.
The Friendly Stranger: One Man’s Struggle to Cope with Pedophilia NEUTRAL Stigmatizing words: – The Book just talks about a man who is a Pedophile and his life, but it seems never actually about anything related to it from the book Text?
What should I do if I am sexually attracted to children? GOOD Stigmatizing words: control it a Pedophile talks about his Life and how to not Offend, did not read it but just the Text indicates its actually a book helping people with there Struggles
The Left Hand of Darkness: An Anecdotal Investigation into Science Fiction’s Archipelago of Sexual Deviants and how their influence leads the media to mainstream Pedophilia BAD Stigmatizing words: Dark Topic, normalize, Enemy

In total i Analyzed 28 Books in which i found

1x Neutral
2x Unknown
1x Good
24x Negative

Now i went to Check recent News Articles about Pedophilia, the search Word used was “Pedophile”

Article Name Good or Bad? Reason Notes
Vile pedophile’s release hopes crushed BAD Stigmatizing words: vile News About a Sexual Offender who spends 3 years in Prison
Man who called himself a ‘serial pedophile’ sentenced to an extra 25 years in prison BAD Stigmatizing words: “Serial Pedophile” sentenced, prison News About a Sexual Offender Sentencing
FBI Only Investigates Satanic Pedophile Group After Finding Link to ‘White Supremacy’ BAD Stigmatizing words: FBI, Satanic, White supremacy
X takes Australian watchdog to court over pedophilic content issue BAD Stigmatizing words: “pedophilic content”
On-line pedophile group busted by Polish services BAD Stigmatizing words: busted, identify sex offenders
Pedophiles Using AI To Generate Child Sexual Abuse Imagery BAD Stigmatizing words: dark underbelly, child sex abuse
EU to Zuckerberg: Explain yourself over Instagram pedophile network BAD Stigmatizing words: “pedophile network” child sex abuse material This news is about People sharing CSAM or Child Porn over Instagram
Man accused of repeated pedophilia and sexual abuse BAD Stigmatizing words: sexual abuse Court Case and Prison Sentencing
Transgender pedophile Hannah Tubbs, 27, is sentenced to 15 years in prison for beating friend to death with a BAD Stigmatizing words: prison, beating to death
Instagram’s recommendation algorithms are promoting pedophile networks BAD Stigmatizing words: “promoting pedophile networks” This news is about People sharing CSAM or Child Porn over Instagram
Dutch Governing Party Advocates Accepting Pedophilia and Teaching It in Schools GOOD Stigmatizing words: Actually a good News about Teaching about Pedophilia and Normalization in Schools
Teenager who was sexually exploited by pedophile couple tells court offenders were ‘gutless cowards’ BAD Stigmatizing words: sexually exploited, offenders
League of Legends streamer CookieLoLxx accused of pedophilia and sexual assault in document BAD Stigmatizing words: “accused of pedophilia”, sexual assault
Armenian pedophile mother detained for raping her daughter BAD Stigmatizing words: raping
‘I was angry’: Pedophile, 80, is PUNCHED in courtroom by victim who was molested from the age of eight – after BAD Stigmatizing words: molested
Police concerned about vigilantes in case of suspected pedophile BAD Stigmatizing words: vigiliantes Person claims to be a Pedophile and gets Hunted by Vigiliantes
Vigilante pedophile hunter “Boopac Shakur” shot dead in confrontation NEUTRAL Stigmatizing words: “pedophile hunter” actually Both Bad and Good thats why i labelled it Neutral, its bad because a Person lost his Life, but good because a Person Stalking Pedophiles has been taken off the Streets
Germany: Court jails pedophile who became babysitter to sexually abuse kids BAD Stigmatizing words: sexually abuse
Transgender Minnesota lawmaker introduces bill removing anti-pedophile language from state’s Human Rights Act GOOD Stigmatizing words: Its actually a Good one i believe, from a Lawmaker suppsedly trying to Protect Pedophiles from Stigma and Attacks, quote: “…protections based on “sexual orientation.”…”

19 News Articles was Searched of which i found

1x Neutral (actually a combination of good and bad)
2x Good
16x Bad

This just shows the Basic Stigmatization of Pedophiles by Authors (mostly scientists and doctors) and News Organizations using the Word Pedophilia and Pedophile EVERYWHERE in a manner when it should be a simple word describing other People Sexual Orientation, and this btw. is the Reason i prefer and think we should more use AND PROMOTE!!!! Terms like MAP, YAP or MYAP to get away form the Stigma of being Associated with Sexual Predators.

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  1. Great summarization Consuela! I’m wondering if we should push to get these things REMOVED from the respective platforms for misuse of the word “pedophile” and for use of sensationalism to go against human rights and to discriminate against minorities.

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