Dear Pediverse

Today i got some Important Security Advice regarding a User that was on the Pediverse, and why you should watch over your Security….


  • Nov. 30, 2021 Person T. has Uploaded Pictures with CSAM to his Smartphone
  • February 2022 His Smartphone Uploaded some of them to the Cloud were its Hash Value was Scanned and reported to the NCMEC
  • October 2022 Person T. got Arrested by the FBI
  • Court records show T. was released on a surety bond on April 13
  • Meanwhile waiting for the Trial to be set in December 2023 the User has been registering to 4 Pediverse Instances, namely Freak.University,, and for Months under the Names

    [email protected] Joined: Jun 03, 2023
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected] Joined: Jul 09, 2023

  • 18. September 2023 the User T. got Re-Arrested

    Some bits of the News Media:

    T. described two of the different platforms he used to communicate with others about the vulgar content, court records stated.

    This all of course happened BEFORE he joined the Pediverse, but since he got re-arrested in September the Feds have his Cellphone and therefore access to all his Communication and those who he Communicated with, if you have been in Contact with said Accounts, immediately DELETE all of the Communication no matter where, and recheck your Security according to these Tutorials

    Also, do NOT ever do anything MAP-related (this includes visiting MAP Spaces) nor anything Illegal (which you shouldn’t do in the first place) from your cell phone.

    and NEVER EVER use the Same Username on the Pediverse that you use on other Spaces to register with your Real Name and Photo (like this guy did, and how he got Doxxed)

    Stay Safe.

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