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Today i though id go into a bit of Detail why i chosen to be part of a Map Right Forum, especially one that only works for Americans right now which i am not.

I have been doing MAP Activism for about 2 Years now, and being Active in MAP Communities since October 2019, and this is some of the Stuff i have encountered in my Country since then:

– The Anti Discrimination Law (Antidiskriminierungsgesetz) being put into Effect which lists us exclusively (Paraphilas) as being excluded means Discrimination against us is OK.

– The “same treatment laws” (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz) which also forbids discrimination but also excludes Paraphilias.

– I Heard about someone who is a MAPs getting kicked out of the Job once someone found out about there Sexuality, he fought in front of the Workers Court and lost, since Child Protection is more worth then having a Job and Pedophiles are supposedly a inherent Danger to Children according to them.

– i see Stigma and Hate from Alt Right, Politicians and the Media (a few days ago in France they arrested 80 people for Sex Crimes and literally 10+ Medias in my country called that “pedophilia”) as well as dubious so called “Child Protection Organisation” just recently i saw a Post from 2020 from one that works WORLD WIDE that discriminates #Mappride as “Pedophiles making Flags to seek a way to slide into LGBTQ+ #childmolesters”

– I Saw (especially the) State Financed Media and other News Outlets Discriminate us for DECADES in a high load of Videos and Articles in an Attempt to Incite Hate and Violence, for example a State Financed Media making a video how “Pedophiles just seek woman with children to abuse them” and one woman has even Produced a Video for Media that resulted in someone getting Attacked by 20 people up to the point of almost Dying, another “journalist” for Media Sensation smuggled himself into a Group of Pedophiles and visited a zoo with them and had Called the Police en Mass who arrested them for… nothing… the journalist made the Police believe its a “Child Abuse Ring” the Police later Apologized to these people…

– They changed the laws so even Sex Dolls are Forbidden, and you cant even read Stories with Children and Sex because it Violates Laws (written child porn) and Increased Prison Time for CP even if you are just having discovered your own Sexuality and did this as a FIRST TIME Mistake, you are most likely going in, no more Fines or anything, “go directly to jail, go over go and dont collect 400$”, even Teachers or Mothers going in for accidentally getting this Crap…

– The ONLY real Place i know to get Help (except for self help forums and chats) are KTW (Kein Täter Werden aka “dont become an Offender”) which are paid by the State and very Stigmatizing and Advertise themself on most of the News Medias Posts about Sexual Abuse as “Like Kids? come to us” which is simply Discrimination because people just liking Kids shouldn’t seek Therapeutic Help, its for Dangerous Offenders and just for False Advertisement i tried to take part in that and left when i noticed the program is only for Offenders (but they already did Mental Damage to me when they had a Doctor tell me i dress Colorful and Prideful to get near kids to molest them)

– I Personally had my Data Doxed open on the Internet and have been subject to a unjustified Search Warrant initiated by someone civilian simply thinking “hes is a pedophile he must have CP lets send the Police” (go figure they found nothing) and Flyers around my Neighborhood, Death Treats, so far about 19 Police Reports Filed all except 2 higher class ones Case Closed for various reasons

– I Saw multiple ways of direct Harassment like a Friend Making a YAP Flag on Twitter and directly getting Bullied of the Platform by none other then Elon Musk with the Personal Data being Outed, same as some Mental TikTok Bitch (im sorry) Doxxing Multiple People on the Pediverse up to a Point of a Friend losing everything, from part of the Family, to all Friends, Jobs, Home, Money etc..

So these things made and make me Sad and furious since these Unjust things cant be and shouldn’t be, you shouldn’t have the Fear of getting killed or Imprisoned without having done anything just for a different Sexual Orientation, and i was seeking for Ways to change that by doing Activism, but what can i do? I’m Solo (not Han… wait im sorry for this joke) and need People to Support something since a single user cant do anything against the massive amount of Fakenews and Hate by specified groups up top (alt right, media, politicians and dubious child protectors), i was seeking that in my Country, but either there was small Groups of 3-4 People working in the Shadows without talking about anything or inviting others (i know there’s a good load of people wanting to help) or People directly trying to harm us by Extremist Pro-C Ways (one VERY active german guy ruining everything because the Media decides to rather listen to him being pro-c because they aren’t supporting us, but see us as bad and want to stigmatize us) or others who i do talk with that aren’t interested in anything because of fear for Family, Friends, Jobs (i do understand this i would never talk bad about ANY MAP for this, its each there own decision and 100% acceptable, i know the feel, i was a bit holding back until a few months ago when my last relative or friend, aka. my grandma died, before that i was in fear of someone finding out about her)

So someone i know Started a Discussion of Mastodon about Activism, and i got very Interested, joined Element with some Cool dudes, but you can neither do Activism on Mastodon nor Element since they are just Chats and Message Systems, and messages are gone as soon as anyone next talks, so we decided to go for a Message Board/Forum, this is where it took many many weeks to Setup, i would have probably just set Basic Rules and said “go for it” but others are more Professional and decided to set Strict and Bulletproof rules, Plugins, Usergroups and much more so there’s no way for Antis or anyone else to Attack us or think we are doing anything Wrong/Bad or Harmful for Children.

Most important for me was that it would NOT include any Contact Activism since this has always ever just lead to Bullying, Harassment and Infightings or Attacks from Antis, and i was just gonna Accept Activism if it includes things not related to Illegal and Harmful Sexual things, but for example Allowance of Lolicons, Sexdolls, Stigma, AI Porn, getting Accepted as Sexuality and by Queer Groups without having to Fear for getting Killed or Imprisoned for no reason then Existing, as much as i don’t tolerate and did (as mod of freaku) things like Harassment, Bullying, Gaslightning and other vile stuff i though this would be a Perfect Attempt to try, because what did someone Famous Say?

“He who fights, can lose. He who doesn’t fight, has already lost.”

— Bertold Brecht

One of my Friends mentioned it would turn out Horrible because they tried that in my Country on a Forum, but i wasn’t alive on the MAP related things during that Time so i cant tell how it went, just promise we or i will try to maker it better as many People have learned from past MAP Activism Mistakes, People think it wont work out, but it HAS to be done and HAS to work out, i’m sorry to say that and i DO NOT EVER try to Attack anyone Personally, but what are we going to Achieve for MAPs if some of us just sit on Mastodon gooning or telling us how we hate each other for different reasons all day doing nothing else?

I know some people might feel Unsafe to join a Public Activism Forum for the Stigma on your name being part of the Forum, i know that feel i was unsafe a few years ago when i joined my first MAP forum, but you can just NOT use your MAP Identity but something else new if you want, i have personally made sure that NOTHING is ever Saved Except your Email (which is free at protonmail), the IP is Non-Existant and shows even for Mods, for any User for Increased Security in case that was any Worry….

Now i Welcome You to the Forum, and if you have ANY Problem just talk to us or write me a PM on the Pediverse i am usually online at least 12-16h a Day on there…

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