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Yesterday a German Online Newspaper (WELT) released a Interview with a Professor (Rainer Banse), who’s Interview and his Actions are as Inhumane as possible, but let me Explain a bit.

What does he do or Plan to do?

The Professor Rainer Banse is a Researcher at the University of Bonn in the field of “etiology of pedophilia” which roughly describes as “the cause, set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease or condition.

This means even tho the WHO has released the ICD-10 on 01.01.2012 so 12 years ago which clearly removes it from the list of Diseases and put it up as a Sexual Disorder (which is also removed in most party in the ICD-11 on 01.01.2022) this guy is still allowed to research on Pedophilia as a disease (what are we researching next? phrenology?)

He Researches at the University of Bonn paid by the State and apparently has Started Inventing a Method (i call it Bullshit) to Test people for Pedophilia, by asking them Questions and having them look at Pictures of Children to see what there Reaction Times are, and if everything Matches will Help “Identify Pedophiles” (you cant do that goofy a sexual orientation is something you are born with, you cant just “test” that, this is what people have tried with homosexuals for over 40 yrs and is Inhumane, no one except the person himself has a right to know about his sexual orientation this is not something you test or get tested for to deny specific things in real life like jobs, this is Next Gen. Nazi Bullshit)

He has as he states Questioned 9000 Males (just males!) and 4,1% of them talked about having sexual Fantasies with Children, 3,2% watched Child Pornography or Child Sex Abuse Material, and really aroused by Children was only 0,1% of them. Quote: “The Data shows that 50% of the Pedophiles working with Children will become offenders” (<again i call Bullshit numbers)

He Admits his Testing Methods are 75% Accurate but have a whopping 25% False Positive (even 1-2% would be to much), he also admits that these 25% have been put falsely into the “Risk Category” (like we are a genuine risk… what..) and would therefor be denied a job with children

He Admits that he does not only “Research” these Things, but apparently works with an Unknown Company to already put these in Place for Testing purpose

what does that mean? If you Apply for a Job working with Children and are Tested in this way and by his weird Unscientific pseudoscience Test, and show signs of Pedophilia you will be denied said job without any Notice as of why (which is discrimination) just because a dude with a weird understanding of Humanity thinks simply for having a different Sexual Orientation you could become a possible Offender.

WELT Newspaper asks him for the Alternative? if its o.k to put Children at Risk to become target of possible offenders?

He says: “we just have to make sure people do not get a chance to be offenders so we need to separate Teachers, Sport Trainers and other people to never be alone with Children at any Time or they would become Offenders” (remember the 50% offenders Bullshit)

Secretly Testing Job Applicants for there attitude/opinion or Sexual Orientation by pseudo scientific methods that bare any logic to Expulse them from Real Life is Starting to feel like the beginning of Next Generation Level Joseph Mengele Bullshit

Whats the Next Plans including? America Level Hysteria of saying Offenders or even generally Pedophiles need to be kept away 500 Feet from Schools or Playgrounds ? no visiting Restaurants or Toy Stores for the possibility of Meeting Children? only going out at Night when Children Sleep? having “Pedophile” printed in your Identify Card, Traveling Passport (this is already a thing for offenders in America) or a Online Sex Offender Registry? WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE?

Tomorrow i will discuss this with other Friends of me to see our Options, likely go to the Press (the regular press not the alt-right press of WELT owned by Axel Springer, the alt-right BILD Newspaper Company) or directly contacting the University

Thanks for reading this, i m genuine shocked and Hope we can put an end to Inhumane Practices as these and stop them before they become wider accepted or Standard.


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