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3 Days ago (16feb) a good Friend of me was on national TV for a report about “stolen Children Photos”, in an Attempt to give People/the Viewers a better view on Pedophiles and how they are just normal people that don’t Offend, i was REALLY Hoping it would turn out in our Favor, but what do you or would you Expect from a report called

“How Pedophiles Abuse harmless Children Photos on the Internet”

it was a Catastrophe and we are trying to reach the TV Channel for an Open Apology.

The Documentation is/was about a Russian Photo Site im***c.ru (most people might know it) and how people Download Photos from Instagram and other places and re-upload it there and post sexualized comments to them, these are just A FEW things i have noted on this Documentation ->

reporter: “The Danger of going from a Fantasy to a real Abuser”

i don’t get where they think a Fantasy could lead you to become an Abuser, nor is it scientifically proven…

reporter: “Why does someone Steal Children Photos and upload them to a Pedophile-Website?”

so wait how do you Steal Photos from the Internet? they are Files available to Billions of People and cant be Stolen, also that page is NOT a Pedophile-Website but a normal Photo site…

reporter has meanwhile” “Supposedly” met a guy on that photo site and had a Secret RL Meeting with him and 5-6 others were they sat in an Apartment and talked about Children Photos, and compared children consenting to Dogs, and again these people were simply called “Pedophiles” instead of potentially Dangerous Offenders, one of them said “when they criminalize CP/CSAM what option do we have left other then becoming Offenders?”

ARE… YOU… SERIOUS? These People get a Spot on National TV at the BEST Time? i do know why its like this, its because of Media Sensationalism, a Offender or Potentially one makes more News Headline then most of us who choose not to offend because that is Boring to them, but this is DANGEROUS as Fuck picking out 1-2 potentially Offenders and making it look like all of us are like this without a Chance of Showing 99% of us are Harmless nice “every day normal” people…

reporter: “There are Self-Help Groups were the Pedo Criminals meet to talk about Strategies of Sexually Abusing Kids”

This is the moment were i lost my Mind and got really Angry, we DO have Self-Help Groups but none were we talk about Abusing Kids (maybe there are on the Darknet no clue about that but not the clearweb), but were we talk about how NOT to Abuse Kids or do anything Illegal, i did Check social Media after this and noticed a good load of “Angry moms” talking shit about us, nice form or Instigating Hate crime instead of becoming De-stigmatizing.

reporter: “How do we as Humanity treat these Pedophile People”

Again im getting Mad, why would you treat people like something different, like Monsters? how about threatening them with human dignity and Respect like all other Sexual Orientations you meet?

reporter: because i have never met a Pedophile before

This is where they show they have no single clue about us, do they think we have a Pedobear Tattooed on our Face to be Identifiable? 1-2 in every 100 People is a Pedophile so you never know if you have met one before, it could be your neighbor, your Co-Worker or your Grandfather…

reporter: “When they Steal Children Photos who are Abused then

Again note that you can not “Steal” Public Instagram Photos and that you can NOT Abuse Media Files, they are no Human beings and have no Feelings or can get Hurt. i DO know they mean Uploading them and Sexually Commenting them in Public, but this is not what they said and what it looks in the eyes of the Public.

reporter: “being a Pedosexual is not a Crime”

well i do wish the Word “Pedosexual” was more wildly known for non Offenders but currently its… at least in most countries of the world known as a synonym for Sex Offenders so basically they call all Pedophiles Sex Offenders…

reporter: “when the laws about toughs and pictures do not change we have to be more careful”

I was SO glad it was Over at this Point or else i would have just turned off, how can you call for the Criminalization of toughs or Normal Pictures?

My Friend was Supported to turn up in a Segment talking about 2 thing

a) who he is and his Life and how he has once offended by Pictures

b) how he tries to de-stigmatize Pedophiles and how these People re-uploading Children Photos they found on the Internet to this Shady Website and Comment them Sexually are Criminals

Second Segment was NOT Aired on TV because as i believe it does not fit their Narrative of all Pedophiles being Sexual Offenders and Criminals and shows us in a good look wich they did try to avoid with this Report

Now… If you try to appear on National Television please make some Rules and either get a Lawyer or have them get there own were you Set that you will get a COPY of everything before its aired so you can tell them if something is wrong or Protest how Pedophiles are Presented in the Media as Bad People…

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