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Last year around the Christmas Time i had Dinner with my Grandma, 2 days later with my Father, his Sister and there Husband, it was all a nice Time until the 29th of December appeared….

29th December i was checking for Mail at 14:00 and there was nothing, so i came back at 15:30 (30min before everyone usually leaves work here in my country) and saw still no mail, but i spotted a Poster/Flyer at the Front Door, i Opened up and spotted my own Face, and a lot of Personal Information about myself (translated by yandex picture translate)

The first thing i did was getting a Bag and a Flashlight and my Bike to drive around the Neighborhood, i collected all these since there was about 6 of them no one seems to have noticed and rushed to the Police, they confiscated all of them and filled out a report, checked my whole Neighborhood to see if there was more but there wasn’t, i came home and started making some Food, like 30min after arriving Home, 2 “friendly” Turkish gentleman knocked at my Door and decided they want in, i called the Police and activated all my Security Measures including getting Armed, but once the Police arrived they were gone.

Still i somehow kept getting calls and Whatsapp Messages on my Smartphone all from people with Open Identity and Muslim Names and Threatening Messages, tho one of them wasn’t like the others, it was some guy who told me that one of the Flyers have completely Spread by some Turkish Chick on Twitter, since i wasn’t on Twitter anymore i had contacted a Friend and he told her to remove that Flyer within 10h or the Police would knock down her Door and put her in Jail (its really a crime here the Spread of Privat Information gets you up to 3yrs in Jail), she removed the Picture, but only after i saw all the Messages under the post by mostly Turkish people calling to visit my House or that i would not make it more then the next 2 Days alive, as well as posting google map pictures of my House….

The Person posting the Flyers have not been found because they either used gloves, left no Fingerprints or they weren’t in the System, but im just happy not many People noticed the Flyers.

Now… this year might be even a bit more Depressing because of my Grandma, one of the few people left in my Life is gone, on 2nd September i got a call from her shes not feeling well for over a Week, she used massive amounts of Painkillers in a Overdose but no effect, the Doctor came and gave her Drugs but also no Effect, so she moved to Hospital were they told her one of the times she Slipped in her apartment she got a small paraplegia, a few days later she was supposed to call back how everything goes but never did, i called but no response, even on my Birthday, so i went to the Hospital and they told me she caught a heavy lung infection and heavy Corona Infection being in the Hospital, and in 2-3days it will be over for her, i asked them on the chance of Dying and they said 300% 🙁 2 Days later it was done and i had to pick up her Stuff

So this December will be one of the most Lonely i have ever got since there’s is not much more People left except my Father, but… there’s still so much to care for or do that can make me or you Enjoy Christmas

  • Decorate Christmas Trees and Hang up Decoration, Lights, Antis
  • Visit Christmas Markets
  • Prepare a Dinner for a Friend and me
  • Make Snowman’s
  • Buy Presents
  • Have actual Christmas with Presents and leftover Family

    This is MY Positivity Start for a Cheerful December >

    Remember there’s so much left to Fight or Live For, you are always worthy, don’t give yourself up, i KNOW Christmas and Winter is the Time of Depression, but there will be next Summer and Better times, don’t stop believing in a Better World for us, it might seem Hard, but its Possible and its one of the reasons im still here for, i joined the Pediverse on Mastodon in March to Change the world for a better and reunite MAPs worldwide, and i think i achieved even if just a small bit of that(for now!!!), sadly some Friends possibly wont be there with us, one of my Friends Kay is still stuck in Psychiatric Hospital against her will, and another one got caught with Stuff in mid September and is awaiting Trial in December in America, P L E A S E take your Time to Pray for both of them and ALL other People currently Struggling with Problems, no matter if Legal, Mental or Medical or anything else, lets keep the Positivity up and Change the world for a better for all of us…

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