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Being Clinically Depressed ain’t that easy, and help is often not available, middle of the Month i got a Appointment to a Psychologist…finally… they said i get a visit every 6-8 weeks, but thats ok as long as they got a Antidepressant (im currently free of any medication except high doses of painkillers) since Antidepressants are the only thing helping at the moment (apart from dino nuggetz) but this is not a problem, i know alot of people who take these so its not a Shame and NO ONE here should be ashamed for taking any Medicine if you feel unwell.

So to Calm down and get Stress removed apart from reading a good book and working part time doing 3d Gamedesign and Translations for game Companies, this is what i’ve been doing, nothing spectacular

1st 2 are paintings i did, the other ones just Puzzles.

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